Inside Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Burj Al Arab, United Arab Emirates

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KCA International’s biggest claim to fame is reputedly the interior design creation more than 20 years ago for the entire Burj Al Arab. Since its official opening in December 1999, it has won numerous awards and gained worldwide success and recognition for its uber – luxurious “7-star” palatial design.

At its inauguration, there were 3 amazing things in the world one could experience – one was to fly on Concorde, secondly one could go on a QE2, and finally to check into the Burj Al Arab. Today out of the 3, you can still check into the Burj Al Arab or experience it as a visitor.

Khuan Chew re-iterates her original design philosophy was inspired mainly from the unforgiving environment faced with the hardship of life in the desert. One’s survival throughout the ages must resonate with the innate understanding of nature – and life therefore must sustain the elements of Water, Fire, Earth and Air. KCA International’s latest creation can be seen in the majority of the “Inside Burj Al Arab Tour”, the latest initiative launched by Jumeirah Group to allow UAE residents and tourists to discover the inaccessible spaces” inside the Iconic hotel according to a new prospective.

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