Ispak Flexible Packaging Administrative Office, Izmit

Asim Kibar Organized Industrial Zone, Izmit, Turkey, Izmit, Turkey


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The vibrant headquarters of Ispak Flexible Packaging Administrative Office, Izmit, a Turkish packaging company in Istanbul, comprise of a factory and four-storey administrative building spanning 4,500 square metres. The concept, interior design and drafting work for the entire project was undertaken by mimaristudio, with a resulting interior that would certainly make heads turn.

The design of the new interior focuses on employee comfort and embodies the innovative and colourful image of the firm. Moreover, it is modern and edgy. The three storeys of the building appear as a two from outside, as the first and second floors are designed to be perceived as a single floor. Another striking aspect of the architecture is the gallery space, which connects the entrance hall with the other two levels. This space is connected by an elevator and a lightweight staircase, and forms the core of the structure from which extend two separate arms.

On the lower floor is a small-scale conference hall and gym along with locker rooms with comfortable acoustics and lighting, while the higher work floors are designed with a flexible office approach in an open plan layout.

One of the most striking design features of this project are the colours, which are also part of İspak’s corporate identity, creating a generally bright and spacious working environment. In the selection of finishing materials, porcelain ceramics and epoxy are preferred on hard floors while end materials, such as modular carpet and loose lay are applied on the raised ones. Walls are generally dominated by white and grey tones, with the occasional eye-catching decorative paints, wallpaper or sculptural art.Interface Forbo Flooring Arttek Eijffinger Abstracta Koleksiyon, Okamura, Derin, Nurus, Quadrifoglio XAL, Flos, Fabbian, Panzeri, Inarchi, Secto design, Barrisol

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48,437 sq-ft.


Asim Kibar Organized Industrial Zone, Izmit, Turkey




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