Kaori Restaurant, Florida

871 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33130, United States

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About the project

This 2-story Restaurant & Bar is a 4,500 sf restaurant in the heart of Brickell and brings an authentic Mediterranean – Asian fusion cuisine experience to the neighborhood. Interior Image Group created an interior with clean, contemporary lines using both Mediterranean and Asian-influenced design elements with a modern and chic look. They used natural, simple, and organic materials. With an aim for simplicity, they narrowed the list of key materials to five which were used throughout the project.

Warm walnut toned wood, light concrete, porcelain tile, brass bronze accents, and bronze mirrors give the space a sense of warmth and sophistication. Lush greenery throughout enlivens the space and adds a natural feeling. The goal was to use materials that customers can relate to and that connect the urban setting of the location with nature.

The first floor is a narrow, double-height space where the guest is greeted at the bar and lounge space. They escort patrons through the bar space and to the monumental stair. This monolithic stair allows guests to ascend to the second-floor dining space and invites guests to view the lighted origami bird sculptures from multiple vantage points. On the second floor, an open dining area and expo kitchen opens to a panoramic view of the downtown area. The dining spaces are divided into multiple zones with the use of Japanese-inspired wood screens and lush greenery, adding intimacy and a sense of natural elegance.

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4,500 sq-ft.


United States

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May, 2021
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