Entertainment/Event Management Office, Russia

Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation

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About the project commissioned Designic Public Space to create an office that would reflect the company’s values and evoke positive emotions. Starting with the main colour palette, a continuation of the corporate style, the interiors would attract visitors with cheerful shades and a bright atmosphere.

The aim was to create an open and comfortable vibe, which would make employees feel good even when working long hours. In the centre is the meeting room, which divides the open space into two ‘wings’. The walls of the meeting room have soundproof filling, and acoustic curtains completely block all noise. Convenient built-in seats with tables are located along the aisles for comfortable relaxed work with a laptop, or a conversation with a colleague. Near the meeting room is a podium that serves as a universal lecture hall suitable for short meetings, recreation, etc. At the back of the podium are the functional spaces that support all the diversities of project work, as well as the printer area and coffee point. wanted the interior design to help improve the company’s internal communication. An unusual solution was the active use of window sills in the office space that serve as lounge areas around the perimeter of the open space zone.

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7,405 sq-ft.


Russian Federation

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