Koc University Medical Sciences Campus, Istanbul


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About the project

Located in the Toplapi district, Koc University Medical Sciences was designed to fill the need for a new medical department as well as serve as a functioning hospital. Kreatif Mimarlik and Cannon Design collaborated on the concept design and medical planning, which included design forums with architects, urban planners, and engineers, as well as medical staff, doctors, and educational professionals.

The project brief was to create a spatial design, flexible enough to respond to possible future needs and requirements, while functioning as an innovative research centre for the medical industry. The design was also meant to encourage the integration and collaboration of different disciplines for a better medical education.

Academic education and professional application functions were carefully positioned to mutually support each other. The campus consists of a medical faculty with research and training programs, a university hospital with a capacity of 440 inpatients, a nurse school, an advanced simulation centre, high security research labs, dormitories, social facilities and sports halls. 

The designers chose modern forms with references to traditional Turkish architecture, such as stylised versions of bay windows and large eaves. The campus is shaped in a rectangular form with two blocks to provide a visual connection between the research, training and hospital blocks. With a secluded public space on the terrace above the main entrance, the southern wing is lower and distanced from the other wing with a smooth curve to allow natural light to seep into the atrium and the northern wing.

Spaces such as classrooms, labs, patient and intensive care rooms, and supporting functions, such as the cafeteria, dining room and offices, are all either linked to an atrium in between the blocks or are visually connected to the sunken gardens. Clinics are distributed on the ground and first floor for ease of access.

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