Private Residence, La Lucia

La Lucia, Kwazulu Natal (KZN), South Africa, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

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The La Lucia beach house by ARRCC and SAOTA perfectly balances luxury and comfort with its uncomplicated spaces. Situated on the Kwazulu Natal North Coast just south of Umhlanga, the house is nestled between protected milkwood trees and enjoys beautiful ocean views – both of which inspired the design. Bronze aluminium sliding screens cocoon the house and offers protection from the elements as well as providing a unique signature look for the building.

In the entrance, a sense of arrival is created by two milkwood trees flanking the entrance. A floating timber step platform and pergola lead towards the front door of the home. Upon entering, the panorama is only revealed as one reaches the double-volume hallway – the aligned timber slat-clad ceilings drawing the eye to the seascape ahead. Ocean views are framed perfectly by the screens that envelope the building. The owners wanted to epitomize the spirit of a contemporary beach-house, with a sense of sophistication. The design was kept relaxed yet to maximize the environment it forms.

The ground floor is designed to seamlessly integrate with the external terraces, pool decks and landscaping; while maximizing the views. This area can be one continuous space or arranged into more individual and private spaces. Sliding screens provide the flexibility. All the areas open up either onto the sea-facing pool deck or the afternoon sun-lit garden.

The interiors express simplicity and restraint while making the home comfortable and cosy. Sand-coloured polished concrete floors, bleached timber, natural leathers and grey linens are anchored by soft neutrals and countered with touches of charcoal, teal and azure. The indoor and outdoor decor are aligned to allow for maximum entertainment space. The formal dining table and outdoor terrace table are positioned adjacent each other to accommodate large parties. The lounge and terrace lounge furniture were also chosen to read as one space.

The sea-facing façade is ‘wrapped’ with a series of bronzed, anodised, aluminium sliding screens that cocoon the structure entirely, or in part. The screens are patterned to abstractly mimic the milkwood trees and create the home’s signature look but also serves to protect the building from wind, rain and sun. These environmental challenges are part and parcel of a seafront property.

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7,287 sq-ft.


South Africa


Kwazulu Natal

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