Lacasa Architects Headoffice, Dubai

11 Jun , 2019  

Designed and built by LACASA iD, with contracting work by ECC Renovations, the new design concept for the LACASA offices reflects their identity and growth while simultaneously emphasising on their current stature and focus. The design approach was to create a space that reflected the history and the multi-disciplinary team of experts in all its departments. The layout plays a very important role in the concept, where every space is well connected to the other and functions seamlessly.

The main highlight of the design is a feature wall at the main reception that is seen as an architectural origami. The black metal strips take off from a focal point and extend in various directions and obtuse angles, reflecting LACASA’s timeline from its inception until present. The white spaces signify the different disciplines within LACASA, while the lit areas represent the future and continuous growth.

The colour palette is contemporary and minimal, with carefully selected materials and finishes appearing throughout. The use of walnut wood veneer, white lacquered surfaces, grey textured walls and marble floors contrast with each other while creating a unique ambience of modernity, simplicity and elegance.

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