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Lloyds – Noveltia Office, Mexico City

V. de Las Alamedas 31 Nave I bodega 0, Izcalli del Valle, 54945 Buenavista, Mexico City, Mexico

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In an area of 432 m2, the idea was to create movement and visual complement from forms and finishes taking advantage of the space making the areas that require collaboration in a nucleus. The palette of finishes includes epoxy floor in different colors, ceramic tile with finishes of wood and cement, grayscale vinyl paints and plastic laminates following the same line as the paint.

The hall is a wall of Drywall, at its base there is an organic bench designed by WTF, and in the body of the wall there is a lambrin that expands towards the ceiling, on the right side of the hall, we find the area of meetings. On the left side of the hall is the main corridor that, through its route, gives us access to the meeting room, showroom, printing area and kitchenette/dining room.

The first space you enter is the custom designed WTF boardroom. In which a mat was installed to provide visual impact, the showroom adjacent to the meeting room is a versatile space, it does not have fixed furniture since it has adaptations to assemble and disassemble the product on floors or walls. The kitchenette/dining room is located at the end of the main corridor and is, together with the private ones, one of the areas located on the façade. Below are all the private ones, with a custom WTF layout.

The open space is intended for Workstation trains and collaborative areas, the idea of this meeting point was to provide users with a creative space to work on ideas.

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1,417 sq-ft.



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January, 2021

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