LU Style Restaurant, Beijing

Beijing, China

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As a representative of Shandong cuisine, LU Style Restaurant is an independent and highly modern aesthetic building located in Sanyuan Bridge, in the center of Beijing. Liu Daohua designed it diligently, inheriting the expression concept of oriental catering and spatial artistic conception, and defining the new concept of catering space with the contemporary design language.

Passing by a small bridge and flowing water, you will enter into the restaurant, with an urban secret garden suddenly in front of you. The outdoor terrace is one of the key points of the whole design here. This quiet “small garden” located in such a scarce downtown plot is the characteristic of Lu Style compared to the surrounding environment. Attracted by its reputation, guests sit down in Lu Style, a transition space from a busy city to a quiet one, feeing satisfied and also sense of ceremony. In this three-story building, LDH Design separated the interior from the exterior with a super-large glass curtain wall, shielding the hustle and bustle but not isolating the nature. The sunlight comes in the interior in a milder manner

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16,300 sq-ft.




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June, 2021

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