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Maison Assouline Flagship Store, Dubai

11 Jul , 2019  

Maison Assouline’s new flagship store in The Dubai Mall encompasses six rooms on a single floor as well as a terrace. The store aims to captivate style, culture, and art enthusiasts with an amalgamation of different cultural concepts, and ASZ Architetti was commissioned to execute this unique space to reflect the brand. Opting for a 1920s theme, the vintage design concept surrounds visitors with libraries, classic interiors, and antique pieces, including special limited editions and book collections based on art, design, jewellery, and fashion.

The designers aimed to create a space enamored with charisma and charm, by using a combination of both modern and vintage elements. This included modern furniture and ceiling-high bookshelves for space-saving, along with classic features, such as British side tables and lamps in a style dating back to the 1920s. Antique vitrines and tables were used for display items. The space also houses an American bar counter with stools, along with a private room that allows customers to view antique items or collector edition books, while the terrace adds a natural vibe that relaxes customers and makes them feel at home. The Swans Bar is the focal point of the store and includes a bar and restaurant that extends towards the back, leading to a secret garden that overlooks the Dubai Fountain.

Timeless and classic materials were used, such as walnut wood, carpets and ceramic tiles for flooring, while walnut boiserie, gold leaf paint, antique brass, and mirrors were used to accentuate the interiors. A dropped golden ceiling in the centre incorporates two modern statement pieces in the shape of chandeliers and contrasted with a backlit antique mirror.


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