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Mavrik Office, Montreal

Old-Port of Montréal, Canada

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The word Mavrik (short for “maverick”), comes from a Texas free thinker rancher and refers to anyone with an independent mind. Inspired by this idea, FOR., in collaboration with Jennifer Nagy Delli Fraine from the branding agency Haute Creative, articulated the concept of these 4,000 sq.ft offices around a modern ranch look, featuring raw materials such as wood, exposed concrete, leather, lacquered and matte steel to design non-standard work environment.

In this work environment, a succession of layers separates public and private spaces: in the foreground, the open workstations; then the service area (kitchen, conference room, large dining table) creates a first transition. Far behind, green glass walls, containing closed offices and a meeting room, become a real landscape for employees and clients who will cowork at the dining table and in the lounge. Finally a large block of walnut panels closes the public space and acts as a backstage to highlight all these elements in the foreground.

While the pandemic has opened the eyes of some companies to consider their offices as a place of gathering, meeting and creativity, Mavrik understood this long before any humanitarian crisis. They have this firm intention to create a unique work environment, specific to its corporate culture, and offering various configurations of individual work, coworking, and collaborative exchanges. A couch, a large dining table, playful seatings, a foosball table and alcoves are all in place for everyone to find the ideal setup that suits their tasks and mood.

In order to offer privacy to the closed offices and the meeting room without blocking the natural lighting, a delicate cactus film is applied on the glass partitions. Thus, during the day, the filtered sun rays enter abundantly and tint the spaces with a vegetal green color. And in the evening, the meticulous lighting makes this place cozy, ideal for evening receptions with clients and partners. Guests gather around the large dining table, in the lounge area, observe artworks and soak up into Mavrik’s singular energy.

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January, 2021
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