The workplace, according to Mindtickle, is their second home. The workplace environment is made special by the office setting, which combines elements of both hospitality and work. The new office setting serves as a continuity of daily life. The features and perks promote Mindtickle’s status as a high-performance workplace. A fascinating challenge is designing for such a diverse range of workstyles. A one-size-fits-all strategy can never succeed. Through Studio AsA’s partnership with Mindtickle, they were able to create a workplace that is built on a high-performance lifestyle that represents the company’s creative spirit and high degree of design detail.

The polished concrete floor, which easily merges into the client greeting area, is one example of an aesthetic feature that conveys an easygoing but vivacious attitude towards the workplace. The team accepted the mission, and the results are now visible to everyone. The creative blending and combining of numerous design elements is on display in the hall room.