Coffee Shop/Delicatessen

Mitts & Trays Cafe, Dubai Hills Mall

Mitts & Trays - Dubai Hills Mall First Floor, Dubai Hills , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Simplistic in its nature, Bishop Design maintained the essence of the existing identity, but profoundly elevated its visual aesthetic through intricate hand drawn wall murals, where beautiful prints combine mixtures of unruly shapes and colours which contrast with the overall muted appearance of the venue. Sumptuous flooring solutions, combine herringbone polished marble with herringbone wood allowing the material selection to define spatial zones within. Subtle movements on the floor transport guests from reception to immediate dining area that then dispense through to bar and main dining in an utterly seamless transition as the differing thresholds dissolve into one another.

Above, showcases a dressed ceiling of hanging beaded lighting, which follow an array of elegant gold and white selections to achieve an eclectic mix of vertical dynamics and exquisite layering within. Below mixtures of both plain and patterned rugs layer over one another encapsulating that warm and cozy essence and with that portraying a homely environment. Both visual trends, derive from the Client’s deep desire to introduce a bohemian vibe to the venue in a modern aesthetic, creating visual connectivities throughout all the spaces whilst remaining in line with the overall intent of interpreting that of an inviting family home.

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3,419 sq-ft.


United Arab Emirates



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May, 2022

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