Nairobi Street Kitchen, Kenya

Mpaka Rd, Nairobi, Kenya

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About the project

Nairobi Street Kitchen is one of Studio EM’s most awesome projects yet. It was 5 years in the making and it was worth the wait. The brains behind the concept were sister duo Alyana and Alyssa Popat of Simba Corp. in Kenya. Studio EM were approached by the sisters and the NSK team to develop the full food hall concept in 2016.

The idea was to take an old abandoned bus and train garage and to transform it into a modern street food market. Based in the Westland area on the Mpaka Road, the new NSK stands out as a thriving hub of activity for foodies, artists and families.

Studio EM were appointed to oversee the full design and branding of the project, which included naming options and full brand identity for each of the restaurants as well as the overall design of the market and each concept. As a result we created numerous concepts from branding to the interior design including Nood, Hopskotch, Burgers and Buns, Beer and Bones, Spilt Milk, Library 68, Social Rooftop, Desi Loco, Bird Exchange, Fire and Dough and Si Signor.

The design is very industrial and rustic, they focused on using as many reclaimed and recycled elements as they could.

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45,000 sq-ft.



Completed On:

June, 2021




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