Nikos Restaurant, Odesa

Hretska 32, Odesa, Ukraine

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The Greek restaurant is located on Grecheskaya street in Odessa, in an area of ​​550 sq.m. In the oldest stone building in the city. The house was built by order of General Nikos Procopius. In the basement there are kitchen and technical rooms, on the ground floor there is an entrance, an open part of the kitchen with a barbecue and a Greek stove, a bathroom and a bar. Also there is a landing on the second floor and a balcony for musicians. The floors are pierced by a through opening in the floor, above which there is an anti-aircraft lamp in the roof.

Greek marble and oak are predominantly used in interior decoration by Belenko Design. So as natural onyx, which was mined for us from a quarry. All cast iron is antique, brought from France, Holland and Italy. A summer playground with a fountain has been created in the yard. In total, the restaurant can accommodate up to 350 guests.


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5,900 sq-ft.



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July, 2021

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