Normann Copenhagen Headquarters, Denmark

Niels Hemmingsens Gade 12 1153 Copenhagen K, Denmark

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The building dates back to 1936 and originally served as a printing house filled with heavy machinery and hardworking bookbinders running up and down the stairs. They wanted to preserve the historic atmosphere while updating the building to their vision and approached the renovation with the utmost respect for the original features. The beautiful reinforced concrete beams have been re-exposed, giving the whole building a rare industrial feeling and architectural character. In addition, they have added an innovative acoustics solution made from recycled paper that integrates beautifully with the original materials. On the facade, an oversized white Normann Copenhagen flag and bright white awnings will welcome their visitors.

The overall color scheme changes character as you move from floor to floor. Soft wall colors like cool grey, minty green and shades of nude are contrasted by deep ruby red walls in their vestibule and poppy red on the railing leading you up the stairs. Gorgeous marble in various stone types on windowsills and surfaces add to giving each floor its very own identity.

The Normann galleries’ three floors of combined flagship store and showroom are filled with alluring bespoke elements. Each floor has grand, organically shaped counters carried by chunky metal feet and integrated cabinets in aged bird’s eye oak. Sharp steel shelves filled with legions of their accessories stand side by side with colorful glossy foam podiums carved individually by hand. A series of kaleidoscopic mirror walls and room dividers add layer upon layer to the exhibited Normann pieces.


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