A young, fun and energetic space to attract young talents and embody the organisation’s culture and brand – this was what the client had in mind for their new office space. A focal point in the interior design is the unique overhead feature above the pantry area of the office where a spiralling meshed ceiling foundation encapsulates a smaller inner structure made of clean marble and wood finishes. Bright elements and green decorations also adorn that section for a sleek and modern vibe to the office.

The office’s aesthetics juxtapose a rich, saturated use of the resulting state-the art work and collaboration environments are strategically designed to attract industry talent and support existing staff alike. Green in particular has soothing and comforting effects, perfect for helping to keep anxiety levels in check. The integration of green elements in the pantry and collaboration area can reduce eyestrain from staring at the company screen for long period of time.

In terms of the layout, the client had it in mind to foster a conducive collaborative environment that would boost employee engagement and draw industry talent. This involved several brainstorming sessions with the client to fully understand their daily office operations before deriving at a series of multipurpose workspace layouts meant to facilitate open communication between the different departments.

A highlight of the workplace layout are the meeting booths located at the centre of workstations for the purpose of holding impromptu discussions or casual meetings. Other exclusive areas within the office space include activity-based collaboration spaces and focus rooms for employees to interact and relax or to work in a more private setting.

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