One Oak 5A2 Apartment, Beirut

13 Oct , 2019  

One Oak 5A2 residential project in the heart of downtown Beirut, is an eclectic mix of modern, industrial design with splashes of colour.

“Like all of our projects, One Oak 5A2 was a unique challenge, dictated by the multiple international influences embraced by our client,” says Nisrine Nasr, co-founder and interior designer at Askdeco. “The client adores a world of colours, cultures and textures, so the task at hand was to harmonize all of those influences within a single living space.”

The owner, a well-travelled art collector who sells works of art and unique furniture pieces, wanted his new home to reflect that aspect of his life. Drawing inspiration from the colorful places he’s visited, his vision for One Oak 5A2 was a vibrant mix of worldly influences and décors. Working closely with the client on all aspects of design and materials selection, Askdeco was able to find the right mix of traditional Moroccan, Arabesque and Grecian patterns and textures to make the client feel at home.

“Typically, modern internal architecture involves a harmonious use of materials in order to create a sense of being in the same space throughout the house,” explains Nasr. “This particular client, however, wanted to incorporate many different styles of furniture and accessories from different countries, which results in different themes and feels to each room.”

“The most important goal is to ensure that the client feels at home in a completed space,” notes Nasr. “Whether modern, eclectic or contemporary, when the details are carefully addressed, the end result will always be nice.”

The beautifully designed space overlooks the Mediterranean Sea on one side, while views of Roman ruins and the downtown Beirut skyline await on the other. Between those breathtaking vistas, One Oak 5A2 is a vibrant and colorful space that oozes with life. Muted white walls and Carrara marble flooring provide the ultimate canvass for allowing each colorful element to stand out on its own artistic merits. From paintings by Joan Miró, T.P.Hardisty and Hussein Madi, to Moroso sofas and Nada Debs cabinets, One Oak 5A2 brings color to life through Mediterranean stylings, avant-garde furniture and even pop culture elements that include a living room jukebox. Mediterranean blues and yellows accent the home’s white open kitchen, which connects to an adjacent dining area and lounge area that serves as a warm mingling space.


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