Only Residence, Moscow

Ulitsa Bol'shaya Filevskaya,121087, Moscow, Russian Federation

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The apartment was designed by Korshunov Architects for a young man – a businessman and a travel lover. The client wanted to see his apartment as an expensive hotel room with an open space, convenient for personal use. The main feature of the interior is the combined space of the bedroom and the master bathroom. The layout from the developer did not suit the client, as there were three rooms, two of which were very small. To solve this, the designers divided the apartment plan into two zones: public and private. Almost nothing changed in the layout of the public area except the combined kitchen-living room. The guest bathroom remained in its place. The client decided to combine the bedroom with a dressing room and bathroom. Thus, there are spaces without doors with a total area of ​​32 m2 for personal use. The kitchen layout is made in one line. There is a built-in refrigerator near the window, the oven is under the electric stove, since the customer is not going to use it often and he needs the working surface of the countertop much more. There is also a built-in dishwasher and extractor hood. Cabinets are standard sizes, but like most of the furniture in the apartment, the kitchen was custom made. The client abandoned the dining table in favor of a massive island with bar stools. For the overall finishes, a combination of glossy surfaces with natural materials was chosen. In terms of color, a contrasting combination of black and white was used, with natural shades of veneer, the decor also contains textures of natural stone, fabric wallpaper in the bedroom area and a pearly white background color of the walls in the living room. All technical elements such as switches, thermostats, sockets, bedside lamps, fittings, faucets and heated towel rails have been specially highlighted in matt black.

The master bathroom, although it is in the same space as the bedroom, but stands on a 15 cm high podium. This made it possible to hide the communications for the bathroom and shower. The podium has hidden lighting for comfortable movement in the evening. Next to the freestanding bathroom, there is a built-in vanity unit with a sink and a large mirror. A bathroom and a spacious shower room are located there, behind the frosted tinted glass doors. The whole so-called “wet” area is finished with large-format porcelain stoneware on the floor and on the walls with the texture and relief of natural stone.

All storage systems were made individually. In the hallway there is a large built-in wardrobe for outerwear. It has glass tinted doors and if you turn on the interior lighting, you can immediately see what is inside. In the guest bathroom, one of the walls is completely occupied by a built-in wardrobe. It housed a free-standing washer-dryer, and a lot of storage space for household items. In the master bathroom, under the countertop with a sink, there is a large cabinet for storing towels, shampoos, and cosmetics. In addition, there is a hidden boiler for autonomous hot water supply to the entire apartment. The wardrobe storage system is designed without doors. These are open clothes rails along the upper perimeter and pull-out volumetric shelves for hidden storage of clothes and shoes at the bottom.

Freestanding furniture was also made to order. A coffee table, a TV stand, a kitchen island and a sofa were custom made by the designers in the same style especially for this project, so the entire living room looks as harmonious and holistic as possible. For the interiors, there are two large paintings created by the artist Marina Chernopazova. In the living room, there is a large painting in oriental style depicting a tiger and a dragon, strong and active in meaning, but in a muted, restrained color scheme. On the wall in the master bathroom, there is a large painting depicting nature and cherry blossoms, which promotes relaxation. There is also a ceramic penguin from the Italian factory Bosa for the decor of the living room. Dynamic, geometric, in monochrome colors with the addition of gold – it suited the color, style, mood, and most importantly – the client’s taste.  The massive island is entirely made of acrylic, which is of course much cheaper than natural stone. But thanks to the skillful combination of shape and color, it looks very stylish and quite practical to use.

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