Paradiso Palms Cocktail Bar, Turkey

Mersin, Turkey

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About the project

Slash Architects found the inspiration for Paradiso Palms Cocktail Bar in the harmony of a cocktail despite the diversity of its composing tastes. Located in a prime spot on the Mersin Marina, the interiors combine local and the timeless elements against a backdrop of natural elements and a nature based palette. The place is a mixture of arts, crafts and lifestyles. with the interior and exterior spaces merging seamlessly, creating a united whole. The corridor and terrace offers various alternatives to the space usage. The overall design has a beautiful fluidity that travels through three different areas: the hallway, the bar and the front deck. All these areas generate different perspectives by opening all the facades up and uniting the totality of the space. One of the most important spatial regulators are the unique metallic arcs that join the hallway and the main bar area together in one aesthetic language.

The core of the project is the bar, which hosts the giant metal tree in the centre. Different subtractions of this metal tree concept feature throughout the bar area, in the form of leaves and animals, creating a cohesive environment. One of the other conspicuous elements is the giant wine library, located right behind the bar and forming the primary backdrop. Behind this wall is the main service space for bar personnel.

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