Parques Polanco House, Mexico City

Polanco, Mexico

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About the project

Designed and built by Ho Arquitectura de interiors, In the kitchen area, an open concept was created in high gloss white, integrating all the furniture in a hidden way. They used a paneled subzero refrigerator, thus integrating the kitchen area in a very natural way, making a very aesthetically pleasing kitchen, clean but without leaving aside the functionality and space.

In the living room, they made a multifunctional space in which one can receive visitors but can also be used as a TV room.  They integrated a TV cabinet which was lined with a paste of Corev,  which gives the appearance of Mexican quarry. On the left side of the space was placed a storage cabinet. A modular rug was placed that can be adapted in different ways depending on the needs or type of decoration.


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1,023 sq-ft.





Completed On:

June, 2020
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