Petraviva Showroom, Dubai

23 May , 2019  

The design challenge proposed to MMA Projects was to present Petraviva, a marble and stone contractor, as a production and furniture company. Based in a new retail space, the client’s brief was to promote a brand new image, showcase their products from raw materials to final products, and create functional spaces for administration, that can coexist naturally and effectively.

Offering fully integrated stone and marble solutions for both residential and commercial projects, the showroom is divided into three main areas. The first, just after the entrance, is conceived as a transitional space, where visitors move from an urban area to an environment, massive, but at the same time light and dynamic. In this first section, different types of stone are exhibited in a labyrinth of columns that visitors can pass through, and directly experience the different finishes. In front of this labyrinth, a large rough stone serves as a seat and a wonderful design element as well. As visitors move along, raw and immobile stones turn into beautiful and unique coating and finishing materials.

As you enter the showroom, you find yourself immersed in a range of overlapping plane and wall compositions where the products are displayed, with each one in a different situation that changes according to the point of view. This space is designed in an unfinished way, where customers are taken through a sensory and experiential discovery, with stone slabs on display, much like works of art in a gallery.

To divide the first part of the showroom, which was dedicated to the exhibition of products, from the second one, which caters to collaboration and relaxation, the designers inserted a glass cube that houses meeting rooms and offices. This added volume and enriched the space, while also creating a separation and maintaining its purpose.



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