Pine Tree Residence, Miami

3 Feb , 2019  

The perfect home for an outdoorsy personality…

Pine Tree Residence is conceived as a self-contained, multi-layered landscape of experiences, providing views of the India Creek Canal. Designed by SAOTA, the interiors are styled in a fluid living space, that can open up into the canal area, or remain contained when privacy is needed. Set on a strongly linear proportioned site, the building is porous, bringing the landscape and water bodies into the interior of the house to create a greater sense of space.

The glazed openings help bring in plenty of natural light, thereby accentuating the design. Warm tones along with delicate patterns and textures add serenity and harmony to the space. The result is a design that looks effortless and singular due to the controlled palette and limited materials.

The outdoor terrace is designed to take full advantage of the Western sun, late into the afternoon. Outdoor views are visible from any point in the house through the introduction of a number of introverted and extroverted courtyards. Overall, this a home that is refined and superbly comfortable to  live in.


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