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PLMJ Office, Lisbon

Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo 43, 1050-119 Lisboa, Portugal

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Taking on a new approach to what is a law firm office, PLMJ’s headquarters stands out for its open-space workspaces, the many meeting and collaboration rooms and the constant contact with art, visible in the offices, common spaces and gallery of the PLMJ Foundation. The street-facing auditorium opens the PLMJ to the community through cultural events, while the cafeterias and a terrace overlooking Lisbon give employees room to relax.

Vector Mais was responsible for the entire construction of PLMJ’s new headquarters as a general contractor, which was a special challenge due to the detailed design of the project and the area of the city where it was built.

The main challenges were building a project with many details designed by the architect and the logistical difficulties. Making a project of this size, in a premium area of the city, and within the time it was done was an additional challenge to the project.

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