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Among the most recent and fascinating projects of SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* is the conversion of an old manor house into a set of three large contemporary apartments. This renovation project not only involves changing the interiors of the original villa, but also a reinterpretation of the architectural structure, finding new habitable space in a totally reinvented distribution scheme.

Nestled in the level of a valley, this mansion is immersed in a large green park, with huge ancient trees that give the perfect surroundings and ambience on the outside. The core idea behind the design strategy is to absorb the calmness of the surroundings inside the mansion. The client family requested the 2000 sq. m property to be conserved in its peculiar heritage value, yet distinctly designed for the three relatives that would stay together, with their families. Thus, the challenge was to create a mansion that was unified in spirit and overall charm and at the same time segregated into parts and designed according to the taste of the three different characters.

SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* took on this challenge and came up with a unique approach to transform the traditional manor into loft styled duplex apartments. In doing so, they upheld their ideology of lending a touch of contemporary class with functionality to keep the property at pace with modern taste, yet not losing out on its old-world charm. In the process, they chose a minimalistic feel to accentuate the architectural features of the property and minimized the use of furniture and furnishings to highlight the tectonic features without overloading the space.

SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* treated each section of the property according to the sense and sensibility of the families and managed to create an organic connection between these three distinct regions. Each of the three sections is being designed while keeping the aesthetics of the individual section in mind. At the same time, these three sections are being made in a way that the aesthetics and appeal of the ensemble remains coherent and synchronized in appeal and in spirit.

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