Pons is a brand-new restaurant with the best location and unobstructed views over the historical city center and the shores of Tammerkoski, right next to Hämeensilta bridge. Pons is a restaurant for those with an appetite for versatile offering for all senses and appreciate stylish yet cozy atmosphere with stunning scenery. You can stop by and visit Pons on the seventh floor of the better known as Bank of Finland building for cocktails as well as lunch and dinner. Let´s not forget the weekend evenings, the customers at Pons will enjoy the live music of artists until the wee hours.

Restaurant Pons’ décor is eye-catchingly stylish, urban and cozy. The service in Pons is relaxed, honest and uncompromising. Pons´s kitchen offers delicious experiences filled with a hint of courage, rock and a little indiscipline. Pons’s wine room hides old-world treasures and modern classics. In the lounge bar, artisan cocktails glitter and glasses bubble. Pons is not just an experience it is a venue. The lounge bar is a stylish meeting place with stunning panoramic views over the city’s rooftops and over the entire city’s historical center.”