Private Headquarter Office, Kuwait

30 Apr , 2019  

Private Head Office in Kuwait City, was designed to meet modern working requirements by creating an environment that offers visitors and staff the best mix of office/task geography. Designed by Pace Interiors, the office was styled to make space for quiet work zones and collaborative areas.  The open plan theme is further accentuated using desking systems and private offices with attention to acoustics through the use of high quality partition systems and sound absorbing fabrics, carpets and ceiling tiles.

The linear main office presented a challenge for the design team to encourage quiet work whilst providing enough space outside of meeting rooms for collaborative work without losing the open nature of the office. The solution was to utilise a range of furniture arrangements and styles to create co-working areas. The use of acoustic screens and tall free-standing chairs and sofa-units creates semi-closed areas within the main office space without the need for additional meeting rooms.  Storage was also carefully considered and after a series of studies Pace identified the need for a central locker zone where staff could securely store personal belongings before making their way to their daily tasks.  This area was treated with large sofas and chairs to encourage conversation and discussion at the beginning and the end of the day.

The colour palette of the office harnesses largely neutral grey and white tones, punctuated by flashes of colour. The colour breaks up the space whilst acting as a simple indicator of zones.

External meeting rooms are finished off to an extremely high-standard, employing a range of grey and neutral tones alongside high quality natural materials. Walnut wood tables and desk units are used to contrast the brushed steel and glass acoustic partitioning, as well as incorporating furniture with patterned upholstery to demarcate  non-conference spaces.


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