An apartment in Surat, assembled and fabricated with its own glossary of grids and functionality, is a subtle yet expressive design by Hardik Lalwala , Principal Designer at NeoTrendz Interiors . Intended with minimalistic design structure and a profound appearance in the 1,100 sq ft home, the designer achieves a uniform rhythm of soft hues of blues, earthen chromes and modern aesthetics well concocted within. 

Chromatic gradients, drawn from nature is the absolute character, but it is never excessive. The space ensures openness and free flow of movement in the common spaces culminating into natural aesthetics and impressive warmth. An sombre and an assorted home emerged into a living expression of materiality, where in each of the three bedrooms speaks of figurative characteristics. 

A well edited entrance of teak finished door, leads the way towards the living room. The living room sets a soothing ambience, showcasing defined furniture with clean, neutral fabrics and soothing palate of greys, blues and wood. A well-tailored- fluted MDF wall grabs the attention in the living space. 

The room is well balanced with the overall earnest environment generated with subtle furniture design and forms. The homogenous white ceiling here is also extended into the rest of the apartment, deliberately designed to tie all the spaces together and add to the reflection of the dwellers ideology of simplicity. 

The expanse of the living room is unfolded towards the dining and the kitchen by the mid standing black marble tiled television unit crisply segregating the spaces and leading to the bedrooms. The entire floor plate is blanketed with a consistent tile uniting the layout as one. 

The dining room is a blend of form and function, a glass slab resting on wooden base table complimenting the bespoke wooden and soft padded chair design. The modular ash shaded kitchen reflects the continued material palette with the granite top and acrylic finished cabinets.

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