Quartier Chic, Beirut

23 Jan , 2019  

An area to catch up, socialise or hangout, Quartier Chic is the restaurant you would probably see in a Sex and the City episode – albeit set in Arabia.

Designed by Gatserelia Design, the restaurant is located in a main locale of Beirut, which is a hub for prêt-à-porter boutiques and renowned eateries, making it the perfect place for Quartier Chic. The interiors of the restaurant exude a playful ambience with a feminine touch.

Charged with giving the space a new life while referencing its past, the designers created a large scale, wall to ceiling illustration, which acted as a diversion, bypassing space and representing the spirit of the area and its cosmopolitan people. Fashion designer and DJ, Cynthia Merhej, was tasked with creating the illustration for the theme “Quartier”. A light green colour permeates the overall design and serves as a highlight throughout, while a stunning, marble bar forms the focal point. 

The complete design showcases a beautifully decorated terrace in the heart of downtown Beirut, where seated guests can admire the illustration, as well as the interiors of the restaurant.


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