Ran & Morris Architecture & Design  recently completed the first phase of the renovation of the Ramat Rachel Hotel, where they designed the hotel’s rooms, restaurant and other public areas in it. Since the hotel sits on the seam between Jerusalem and the desert, it was clear that it would be necessary to combine two worlds in the climatic aspect as well.

The hotel has been around for years with the same design from its opening day. Today, in an era where guests are looking for the authentic story, unique and different from other places, our design mission as Story Catchers was to march it to their times.

The main challenge was not to lose the story of the founders of the kibbutz and to create an experience in which each guest would feel as if he had been hosted by his kibbutznik aunt, even if he did not really have one. The great difficulty was discovered when we had to make the right choices out of countless meetings and connections and quite a bit of that also between the partners in the process, the representatives of the kibbutz.