RED 4 BOX House, Saint Petersburg

Leningrad region, Sosnovka cottage village, Russian Federation

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The Boxmate team developed and launched a new line of houses named RED. These modular residences seamlessly blend all the benefits of prefab technology with swift assembly and at the same time unique recognizable design and architecture. Spanning 112 sq. m there are 2 bedrooms, a spacious kitchen-living room, a bathroom, a study, a pantry, a hallway and an expansive panoramic terrace. The layout of the house is meticulously crafted to envelop the inner terrace, creating an atmosphere akin to an intimate indoor garden. As a result, the street-facing facades are completely closed, while the interior facades, facing the terrace, are fully open and glazed. There is a sense of some secret indoor garden and terrace.

Constructed entirely in their workshop, the house is then transported to the client’s site in modular blocks, allowing for completion within a mere 3 months. At the heart of the home lies the kitchen-living room. Its panoramic windows face the main terrace. These generous windows seamlessly integrate the indoor space with the natural outdoors. The master bedroom’s windows also open onto the terrace, while the guest bedroom and study overlook the external street side. Both bedrooms feature built-in closets for convenient storage.

In RED houses, the bathroom boasts exquisite finishing with Spanish tile from EQUIPE. They opt ceramic granite for the shower area, ensuring durability and elegance, in contrast to flimsy plastic alternatives. They designed the house facades with reference to natural shades, yet played with contrast to achieve a bright and recognizable image. For the interior spaces, they chose a versatile warm, ‘Scandinavian’ light shade. It is still relevant and harmonizes well with other colors. For their team, meticulous attention to detail extends from the exterior architecture to the interior furnishings and decor. This model can be acquired with all existing furniture and kitchen fixtures, facilitating a seamless transition into country living without the hassle of repairs or finishing touches.

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1,206 sq-ft.


Russian Federation

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