RM Villa, Dubai


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The RM Villa fulfils the clients’ brief of a secluded tranquil villa. As a result the house possesses a contained, calm and intimate family feeling. Created by LW Design,  the courtyard is the key architectural organizational element providing visual relief and spatial hierarchy. An ornamental tree provides shade whilst a water feature’s trickling sound permeates the space. On the ground floor the U shape site planning provides separation of guest wing and home office functions from the more family orientated wing. Whilst on the upper levels the courtyard provides a unification of the family’s bedrooms with adjacency of the parents master bedroom with the young children rooms. A shaded roof terrace with accessibility from the family areas provides an further family entertainment space . The spatial experience and quality can be transformed by opening the glazed floor to ceiling walls allowing views to the lush garden, linking interior and exterior space. A small family pool is easily accessed from the main house where an external dining area provides a transition between this area and the garden

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22,852 sq-ft.


United Arab Emirates




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