Rose Poudre, Abu Dhabi

Rose Poudre Beauty Bar, The Galleria Mall, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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H2R Design collaborated with VisionTech to design Rose Poudre, a refined salon concept in Abu Dhabi, with a feminine take on modern industrial styles. With the original project evolving from a hair styling bar into a full service salon, the design aimed to create a delicate yet strong brand identity.

The salon is laced with bold tones and strong metal accents to create an industrial vibe, yet maintains a light and inviting ambience. The material palette includes rose gold and copper panels, dark Zebrano wood detailing, and grainy off-white marble, including Salome marble. Other areas portraying visual contrasts include textured concrete on the walls and floor in shades of grey with light touches of pink and a section adorned with wallpaper. Curved acrylic panels were also used to visually break up the concrete and white walls to soften up the space. Deep royal blue fabrics and plush leathers were chosen for the loose and fitted furniture, to counter the warm tones used elsewhere. The overall design foundation pulls the space together into one cohesive unit with a lot of character, and this can be seen in the detailing work.

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1,076 sq-ft.


United Arab Emirates


Abu Dhabi

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