Électricité de Strasbourg Head Office, France

Strasbourg, France

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About the project

The Electricité de Strasbourg group, an Alsatian energy company for 120 years, wanted to refurbish its office to promote more co-working and collaboration. With their employees’ wellbeing top of mind, the company recognised the importance of designing-in the best acoustic comfort right at the start of the project. Following a tender process, the agency Richter Architects and Associates, Euro Sound Project (BE Acoustics and Audiovisual Engineering), and STAM Acoustique were selected to handle the renovation of these spaces where they specified Rockfon Mono® Acoustic.
A project with both aesthetic and acoustic constraints
The renovation of the rooms had very precise specifications, where the Electricité de Strasbourg group wanted their employees to benefit from modern, user-friendly workspaces with a very high level of acoustic comfort.

“Whilst good acoustics allows employees to feel comfortable, the effect is much more important, as it gives better concentration and better productivity” says Daniel Wagner, Director of Digital, IT and Electricity infrastructure of Strasbourg. “Thanks to the sleek and monolithic Rockfon Mono® Acoustic® solution, the acoustics are very good and there is no excessive reverberation. Our employees enjoy working in these new rooms.”

The architect Anne-Laure Better from agency Richter Architects and Associates wanted to create workspaces and meeting rooms with a serene and warm feel, while working closely with Yves Kayser and his team of acoustic experts to ensure best acoustic comfort in every space.

Anne-Laure Better continues; “The challenge was to transform the existing, obsolete and dark spaces into comfortable and bright environments with best acoustics and durable materials. Rockfon Mono® Acoustic® contributes to a quiet and hushed space allowing the integration of services and audio visual equipment while maintaining its smooth and matt appearance.”

Rockfon Mono® Acoustic® was installed by STAM Acoustique in the two rooms on the top floor in the eaves of the building. The unique layout of the building made it difficult, but the flexible nature of Rockfon Mono® Acoustic® was utilised to adjust it and make it fit.

“The installation of Rockfon Mono Acoustic required the joints to perfectly integrate around the audio visual equipment so that the quality of the projection and the acoustics is optimal”, explains Pierre-Alain Mendler of STAM Acoustique and a Mono Acoustic Approved Installer.

The aesthetic dimension and high acoustic performance of Rockfon Mono® Acoustic® was able to provide the desired solution while preserving the original architectural design.

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