Sintoho Restaurant, Kuwait

3 Apr , 2019  

Designed by Kokai Studios, Sintoho Restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel reflects the diversity of Asian cuisines. Chinese culture played a key role in the design theme.

The entrance area of the restaurant features a long corridor flanked on one side by an expansive green wall, filled primarily with local desert plant varietals. The other side of the wall features a series of custom designed water towers, that create a cooling and soothing experience. The corridor ends at a tea wall, fronted by an elaborately carved wooden tea station.

The right side of the entrance corridor houses the main open dining area with 12 metre high ceilings that offer uninterrupted views of the city and the Arabian Gulf. The front dining section has custom designed furniture (by Kokai Studios in collaboration with Kyoto based artisans). The space also features a burnt wood, sushi counter, inlaid with hand hammered brass. The soft lighting in the area comes from the series of water drop glass pendants that add a playful element to the overall interior.

The interplay of wood, stone, and hand-finished metals is contrasted by a 3D feature wall made of exposed concrete forms, that runs the length of the kitchen.
The private dining rooms are an ode to Chinese embroidery craftsmanship, with bespoke chairs and walls showcasing hand printed linen.


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