Skinlala Beauty Spa Flagship Store, Beijing

69 Banjing Road, Haidian District,, Beijing, China

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Skinlala Beauty Spa’s flagship store in Beijing is designed by Isense Design, a practice based in Chengdu, China. With a luminous acrylic sign on the door, each room has intelligent lighting and sound systems, which has a low-light and silent mode when unoccupied; when the guests approach the room, the lights will slowly light up, and as the guests enter, the “welcome mode” will be activated, and the greeting words and music will be played automatically. What’s more, the smart panel can meet the calling function of customers and staff.

The ladies’ room is on the left side of the guest area. Like all other spaces, Isense Design pays attention to every detail, and hides all unnecessary equipment and air vents in invisible places to achieve a small pure space. Arched design elements extend in this space, creating an interesting powder room, where the soft light environment has an imagenomic portraiture effect for photo-taking.

  • Photography by – Bo Lv


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3,229 sq-ft.





Completed On:

January, 2022

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