Society Cafe & Lounge, Dubai

29 May , 2018  

Society Cafe & Lounge, Dubai pays homage to the city that it sits in. Designed by Albal Design Studio, the designers took over the project during its structural phase. The client brief was to create an open and light space inspired by an observatory and reflecting the atmosphere of a greenhouse.

The interiors of the cafe have been designed to be modern, minimalistic and puristic. The place, of course, comes with some eye-catching design elements that are created to have a subdued rather than an overwhelming impact on guests. Society Cafe is a place to focus, come together and recharge.

The design language is strongly driven by the architecture and the interior design has strong structural elements that are leading the guest’s view. Based on guests’ feedback, it can be said that the designer successfully accomplished the client’s vision in terms of the venue’s atmosphere.

The minimalistic design brief of the client has been transformed into an interior design space, which is strongly reflective of its architecture. Cubical shapes are transformed into loose combinations of geometrical patterns with a subtle application. Triangle structures and lines as decorative elements highlight the beauty of some walls. This is a process of deconstructing the cube inspiration to follow a subtle, yet striking design language.

While maintaining a clean and modern interior, the designer also added some organic shapes for the big community tables. Moreover, the display tables in the entrance zone emphasize the coziness factor of coming together. Most of the furniture is bespoke and was designed for the project and manufactured by suppliers in the UAE.

The material and colour selection supports the minimalistic design approach of the space. The colour palette is influenced by nature – the tones are soft pastels in beige and light mint-green, supported by other material in their own natural colours. The materials are primarily marble, oak wood, walnut with brass-coated metal details and concrete.

The custom-made, organic-shaped community tables and other displays have coloured legs with a gradient spray paint to harmonize the dark wood with the light surrounding. The primary objective of the design was to create a place to focus, without being distracted by the design elements. The entrance zone is decorated with concrete tiles, keeping in mind the high traffic in the area and the durability factors.

The counter zones have a tile and wooden floor optic to create a contrast between the marble counter and the flooring. The bar counter is designed in book-matching marble and is in context to the wooden oak on the ceiling. The fabrics selected are reflective of the minimalistic design approach.

Albal Design Studio was also responsible for the project management aspect and followed the production process to ensure the correct implementation of the design.


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