Sokolniki Apartment, Moscow

Rusakovskaya street, 31, Moscow, Russian Federation

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The client came to BALCON studio with a request to make a turnkey design project for his family, which at that time consisted of 4 people and incoming cleaning and child care staff.

The difficulty was that the apartment was formed of 3 small apartments bought nearby, each with its own wet zone and a large number of load-bearing columns. A lot of work has been done to develop planning solutions and official approval.

The client wanted to see a pompous future apartment with a lot of use of mirrors, veneer, stone, brass and high-quality Italian furniture. It was important to take into account the wishes of each family member and most importantly, during the renovation that began, the playroom had to be converted into a nursery for the child who was about to be born.

The apartment turned out to be luxurious in a light sand color palette with contrasting accents of stone and walnut veneer. Geometry meets from the threshold, everything dictates straight lines on the ceiling, walls and floor. The project uses different panels for wall decoration, all this adds up to the overall picture.

Each of the children has a bedroom with a private dressing room and a bathroom, just like adults! The apartment also has a cozy guest bedroom, a cleaning room with a large stylish laundry room and, of course, a large number of storage spaces inscribed in the space. Most of the area of the apartment is occupied by a circular layout area, which includes a spacious kitchen-living room with a dining group and a relaxation area by the bio-fireplace.

Photo Credits : Nick Rudenko

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4,092 sq-ft.


Russian Federation



Completed On:

March, 2023

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