Spacewell Interiors Office, Dubai

Vision Tower, Al Khaleej Al Tejari Street, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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About the project

Designed by Spacewell Interiors, the office is divided into two zones where one is meant for showcasing their partners’ products and the other side is where they cook ideas and prepare how to serve them to their clients. The moment you get out from the lift you will be welcomed by an unobstructed view of the Canal with an Origami themed designed portal to further enhance the experience.

From reception they can either have a sit down with the client through a coffee that can easily be accessed from there or continue the tour of the showroom with an obvious path that leads to the different spaces an exciting workplace would have. The breakout space which is separated by an actual stack of cargo containers where the lower container is for storage and the top most container serves a digital detoxification area meant to recharge the brain after a long day at work. The breakout area is then introduced as a flexible space where it can be converted to a training session through the use of the step seating that can create that auditorium ambience as they would like to emphasize that a good space should not be limited for a single use.

They have maintained an open ceiling concept with a twist to have a better industrial look and feel. While most offices would just keep the existing MEP services exposed in an open ceiling, they have done a little bit of work by organizing them neatly and paying attention to the services, specifically the AC ductings.

They also paid attention to the acoustics of the whole office thus they have provided the basic principles of specifying good quality carpets, fabric baffles, glass partition systems and acoustic ceilings.

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10,780 sq-ft.


United Arab Emirates

Completed On:

June, 2020

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