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Sterlite Energy Limited (SEL) is an energy company focused on development and operation of power plants in India. SEL is a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources PLC. It is headquartered in India and wanted their new facility to communicate a clear sense of reliability for the country within a co-existential environment which they believe is a key to sustainable tomorrow. One of the key client briefs was to communicate this transparent sense of reliability which strengthens their systems and helps preserve diversities within the organization.

To connect a massive floor plate and provide uninterrupted vistas, across the floor allowing fluid and yet strong constantly strengthening belief system of transparency across the organization. To design an office that communicates stability and reliability in a technologically advance environment and provides a constant sense of growth within the organizations culture through Architecture and Design.

The Interior architecture of the space was very carefully laid out by Alcove Design Consultants, such that the vertical masses took peripheral locations and the entire office had clear transparent vistas and uninterrupted flow of natural light across the floor plate. This enabled constant flow of a strong natural light developing an interspatial energy filled grid across the office which became a key to the successful design of the space. Interwoven biophilia across the offices aesthetic fabric, communicates a strong message of company’s belief in preserving biodiversity while technologically advancing towards a coexisting culture of a sustainable tomorrow.

Open plan office, exposed technical services, transparent fish-tank like glass cabins, were extremely important and well thought out design elements of this innovative Interior Architecture space, that is high on connectivity and ensures through design that it overcomes traditional fiber of office operation.

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