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Studio Loft, Turkey

7 Apr , 2019  

A private house, a photography studio and an art gallery – that is Studio Loft, Izmir, Turkey. The design brief given to Yerce Architecture & ZAAS was to design the ground and upper floor of this apartment, which was part of a five storey housing block, to be used as a photographic studio. The client, an established photographer, wanted to have a place of his own, where he could live and work, as well host an exhibition space, and thus become an alternative art exhibition spot in the city.

While the ground floor was planned to fulfill the necessities of a photographic studio and an exhibition space, the upper floor accommodates an office space, kitchen area, sleeping and private resting zones. One of the key purposes of the design was to maximise the creative space for the photographic studio. Accordingly, the upper floor and mezzanine was planned to serve as spaces for photo shoots, should the need arise.

Below on the street, the sidewalk is integrated into the apartment as part of the exhibition space. The sliding folding glass doors form a facade at the entrance, that open completely, allowing visitors to observe the artwork on display.


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