Tangible Memories House, Jaipur

Jaipur Tonk Road, Jaipur, India

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About the project

Renovating a home not only restores the space but also rewrites its stories. Restoration preserves the essence of who we were while also introducing who we are. Tangible Memories (GK25) is a compact 3-bedroom residence located in the streets of Jaipur.

The client came up with a simple idea: a home with added style and an extension of new spaces to fit their lifestyle and needs. During the initial cogitations itself, it was settled of keeping the existing components while we immix them with new elements forming a uniform design that reflects the client’s taste. With the client’s need for space to be tacky, the real challenge was to compile the older pallet with the new one while the essence of the original structure is enacted.

The idea, following design criteria, was to make the most of the available space. The house is divided into two bedrooms, a recording studio, a kitchen, two bathrooms, and a living cum dining area, with each room having its character and color scheme. The concept was to employ distinct colour schemes for each location, together with a wooden laminate, constructed in a way that was motivated by each user’s tastes, daily routine, and lifestyle. Automated with Whitelion automation, the spaces have easy control of the environment, artificial lights, and ventilation, providing a user-friendly abode.

To tie the client’s request for something loud and garish with our vision of something subtle and warm, the material palette came out quite coherent and interesting. The common spaces were finished with warmer tones, while the bedrooms and informal spaces were tranquilized with the use of greens and blues.

The design focuses on the amalgamation of the old and new. The aim was to create maximum use of space in the limited setting available, justifying the needs of three generations in the family. The project was initially outlined to modulate the existing furniture and compose the spaces as per the client’s brief. With the further need for multiple storage areas and informal zones around the residence, the scope of work was elaborated to shapeshift the entire house. We retained the ceilings partially. used the old box cabinetry to create seats, old wooden structures for panelling, and many more. In this compact 3-bedroom residence accommodating users of various ages, the design process resulted in the creation of multi-functional spaces that utilised every nook and cranny.

The living room’s entrance is decorated in neutral tones with an interplay of textures, light, and lines to embrace the warmth of the area. As soon as you go in, you can see the living room, dining room, and divided kitchen. The space’s connectedness produced a very interactive and interesting experience at home. The exquisite centre tables made of monolithic teak wood logs offer an island with a TV area and adjoined dining area for a casual setting. The mix of oak panelling with gold-finished stainless steel channel inlay captures the charm and vigour of the client while experimenting with various materials and textures in the backdrop. Mughal motifs on the cushions add character to the space.

With the dining zone, we attempted to create a room for a variety of home activities to occur. It provides comfort and encourages all generations of the household to interact. The divider separating the living, dining, and kitchen spaces is made with fluted glass inlay and painted with Asian Paints’ sun-baked clay colour to create a cosy and pleasant atmosphere.

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1,220 sq-ft.





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March, 2022

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