Tech Company Office, Dubai


ZIKZAK Architects recently designed a stunning office space for a tech company in Dubai, drawing inspiration from the striking exterior of the Opus by Ominyat business center in which it is located.

According to project manager Liliia Tsymbal, the goal was to capture the opulent feel of the building’s exterior and bring it into the interior of the office, creating an atmosphere that would be both elegant and impressive. Drawing on the mood of a luxury yacht, the designers chose a warm, natural color palette and incorporated timeless, high-end materials throughout.

The office is open-plan and ergonomically zoned to include meeting rooms, a large collaborative area, and a conference room, as well as spacious modern lounges for informal work and meetings with VIP clients and partners. The luxurious design emphasizes the company’s status and adds an extra touch of modern elegance, making a lasting impression on guests.

The yacht-inspired theme is evident throughout the space, with premium wood, gilded decorative details, and fancy upholstered furniture adding a touch of extravagance. Overall, the result is an exquisite office space that perfectly captures the sophistication and luxury of Dubai’s Opus by Omniyat business center.