The Kape Showroom, Dubai Design District

28 Mar , 2019  

The Kape Showroom located in Dubai Design District, beautifully reflects the brand’s high end offerings. SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* styled the interiors in a modern minimalist theme with standout pieces.

In the ambient spaces, the designer implemented techniques that would result in a relaxing environment. Lighting was given special attention, in order to accentuate the earthiness of travertine stone and and futuristic quality of the epoxy resin.

The fitting rooms add a touch of whimsy to the overall minimal aesthetic, created using metallic screens with a champagne-tinted finish. Simplicity defines the ambience and mood of the entire showroom, and contrast is added via rough patterns and texture on the exterior and a smoother finish for the floors. The silver and white travertine marble lends a dewy soft appearance to the otherwise contemporary design with its ribbed partitions and black matte frames.


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