The Shadow Box Penthouse, Dubai

Residences 2, Bvlgari Residences, Jumeirah Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

About the project

Designed by Idea Art Interior Architects, this Penthouse has a particular style that is only comprehensible once you’ve met the owners, who are both fun and creative. Each space has a particular theme – the main areas feature a bohemian style that constantly changes depending on the time of day, thanks to the shadows created from mobile meshes placed at the extremeties (hence the name of the apartment, Shadow Box).

When it comes to the more private rooms, each one reflects a specific mood. The space room, the london style library, the red room, the Minecraft room, and the moody corridor. This space is also filled with a number of art pieces by well known artists from around the world, complementing the melting pot of styles.

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7,000 sq-ft.


United Arab Emirates

Completed On:

December, 2020
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