Three Gardens House, Kuwait

24 Mar , 2019  

It all started with a question: Are you able to design an outside space that can be used 365 days a year?

AGI Architects decided to classify the Three Gardens House according to the various seasons in a year. The first level, the ground floor, is a Wet Garden, perfect for the summer months, with a pool and fountains, and surrounded by the main social spaces of the house. The Summer Garden is situated in the coldest layer, four metres below street level, and protected by the soil’s thermal mass. The third one lies on the roof, an ideal place for winter days and hot summer nights. A perforated skin, a metal mesh of anodised aluminum covers the Winter Garden and protects against direct sunlight while also providing some privacy.  These three gardens become unified as a single outer space and are connected, visually and physically, through exterior stairs.

The interiors are styled in a minimalist theme with unique pieces adding a punch of colour. A neutral palette brings uniformity to the overall design and gives the interiors a ‘cool’ effect. The communal areas are all visually connected, leaving the private rooms more intimate and looking outwards. The spaces facing the interior courtyard are covered in white ceramic tile to help reflect the light, and to illuminate the rooms in a natural way.


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