Tia Clinic, Los Angeles

3921 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90029, United States

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About the project

Alda Ly Architecture (ALA) has designed a bold, vibrant space for Tia, a full-service women’s healthcare platform architecting a new, women-centric model of care with a blend of in-person and virtual services. ALA’s design visualizes the Tia ethos: to offer a personalized approach to healthcare by fusing OB/GYN, primary care, mental health, and evidenced-based wellness services into an integrative experience that’s convenient, collaborative, and focused on prevention. With its inaugural Los Angeles location, Tia will be able to serve thousands of patients in the community.

The Los Angeles space is the first of several Tia locations ALA is designing for the fast-growing healthcare startup, including its San Francisco headquarters, a clinic in Phoenix, and more to follow. Tia’s first location is located in New York City.

Tia Silver Lake’s layout provides visual transparency and intuitive navigation, helping guide patients, staff, and providers through their individual and communal care journeys. Warm and distinct colors, materials, and graphics—an extension of Tia’s identity—are used to anchor the experience, provide wayfinding, and highlight educational “moments” in the form of strategically placed plaques with healthcare facts. To fix healthcare for women, Tia also recognized that it needed to fix healthcare for providers. Working with providers to understand what would be the best environment for them, Tia and ALA created distinct, calming spaces for work, continuing education, and breaks—notably, a one-of-a-kind lab filled with natural light, a stark contrast to the windowless environments in which providers all-too-often work. Throughout, materials were selected for their hygienic properties, durability, and sustainability.

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