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Town Hall, Amsterdam

Buikslotermeerplein 2000, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Dutch based DAMAST architects created the new super flex office and a multifunctional restaurant (Plaza) for the city of Amsterdam in the Northern district. With limited means, the architects ingeniously transformed existing spaces into a harmonious working environment, where officials from all districts feel at home.

The Municipality of Amsterdam makes its real estate suitable for flexible, project-based and area-oriented work. The transformation of the Buikslotermeerplein district office is part of the new municipal housing vision for civil servants. The building is better utilized by making flexible, project-based and area-oriented work possible.

The building is the facilitating heart of all new developments in the district with plenty of initiatives and experiments. Clear routes and sightlines provide a calm and comfortable working environment with a variety of places. The super flex zone contains comfortably equipped work and lounge areas and flexible spaces for project-based work. The restaurant is a Plaza, where one feels at home and can also have a meeting. The architects managed to create an inviting work location and business card in one with minimal resources.

The minimal use of raw materials and the greatest possible reuse thereof is one of the biggest challenges facing the construction sector in the coming years. The use of biobased, recycled and recyclable materials is part of the pursuit towards a circular economy. The palette of applied colors and materials is limited or rather elementary. All wood is sustainably produced and formaldehyde-free. The detailing allows the materials to be separated easily. Chairs are made from recycled PET bottles and carpets are made from recycled yarn. Characteristic is the accent of the orange-red, referring to the primer used in construction and shipbuilding. With this creditable design, DAMAST architects contribute to a more sustainable society.

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12,900 sq-ft.



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March, 2020

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