Fitness Center

U Energy, Lebanon

28 Feb , 2019  

In the heart of Backyard Hazmieh, Lebanon, which is a melting pot of restaurants, coffee shops and pubs, sits the U Energy boutique health club, designed by RG/Architects with contracting work by Wael Al Ariss Contracting.

As team culture was a strong focus for U Energy, the designers made sure that the mission of the brand was echoed throughout the space. Encouraging connection and interaction, the gym space is completely open, divided only by structural concrete pillars and the industrial style equipment within it. The underground gym features skylights that throw light beams from above, while neon lighting creates a trendy atmosphere.

The linear structures fitted with neon lighting strips run parallel across the space, creating invisible dividers and subtly highlighting personal zones, but somehow also encouraging a competitive culture amongst the gym goers.

An area for stretching is cut off only by thick black cords, offset by monochrome, striped walls, which add to the geometric nature of the overall interior. There is a separate studio for spinning classes and an area for lockers and changing rooms. The remainder of the gym remains raw and industrial in style allowing members to focus on enhancing their wellbeing without distractions. The resulting design is edgy, dynamic and motivational in a superbly trendy fashion.


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