Victoria Residence, Johannesburg

Johannesburg, South Africa

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About the project

Set in Waterfall Country Estate, this residence offers beautiful views of lush wetland and, of course the waterfall. The project was conceived and developed as a monolithic stone remnant, which was sliced and excavated to reveal a softer and comforting interior. The exterior is rugged and purposefully reduced to two or three materials. In doing so, the transition to the interior enhances the crossover experience.

The interior was created from the requirement of being a liveable and comforting home. The house is divided into three levels that are visible on the ground floor upon entry to the home. The daily functions and zones within the home are defined and organised, with circulation on the entry-level, open plan living, dining and kitchen areas on the mid-level, and the indoor swimming pool, guest suite, lanai and home office on the lower level. The first-floor offers three suites, the main suite with two independent dressing rooms and a seamless en-suite bathroom is situated on the eastern wing, and is contained within a concrete frame seen from the northern façade. The two kids suites, with lounge and en-suite bathrooms, are situated towards the west and are contained in the second concrete frame. The upper level also offers a home gymnasium, a sewing room and a relaxing pyjama lounge floating over the family room below. An authentic palette was defined by natural oak, granite, marble, and bronze.

The expanse of the home is quite evident in its footprint and its plenitude of rooms and spaces, always offering something new. Ultimately, this home was crafted for its owners to enjoy from a functionalist perspective and to enhance their lifestyle.

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South Africa

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October, 2020
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